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Re: Official 2017 Cardinals Rumors Thread

Postby chevyman58 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:39 pm

R27 wrote:
chevyman58 wrote:AND BTW ............ if we go by stat analytics projections - I think the Nats have won the WS two outa the last 4 years & should be in the WS this year.

Just sayin' .............. ;)

This is measuring how teams should have done, given what they have done. Not a future projection based on what we guess they'll do.

Sorry, my terminology may be in error. I was referring to what the 'experts' had forecast by graded team strengths.

I'm out of my element when we dig into modern analysis tools. I rely on my TV remote & my peepers. 8-)
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Re: Official 2017 Cardinals Rumors Thread

Postby marteezy » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:00 pm

chevyman58 wrote:
marteezy wrote: We've seen this team play horrible defense for nearly two seasons now. This offseason it was supposed to be a priority, but it obviously wasn't. We are still seeing mental lapses covering the bases, missing cut offs, bad throws, drop balls, kicked balls. On the base paths it's an utter $#!t show. You have far too many guys thinking they are faster and more athletic than they really are trying to do things that they shouldn't. Or making silly decisions while on the base paths.

Those are things the manager can and should be influencing. If he has, the players obviously aren't responding. If that's the case, his message doesn't work. Get in a person who can deliver a clear and coherent message.

So, it can't possibly be a major contributor that the past two seasons we have the least veteran presence, the youngest club, the highest % of rooks/callups, the least experienced assistant coaches & the least number of star players in forever? It can't possibly that? No way?

marteezy wrote:If they are getting the message and the teaching/coaching isn't effective. Get in someone that can teach.

These guys have been taught these same exact fundamentals since t-ball. Forever. These are basics you cite, nothing new or unique to MLB.

marteezy wrote: And based on Yadi's not so subtle instagram jabs, much of the team has lost faith in their manager.
What jabs? Where? When? Is this more 'Fake News'? How does a guy posting 'I'm not tired' and 'I miss my old amigo The Secret Weapon' turn into "much of the team has lost faith in their manager." ?? Suddenly I feel like I'm watching CNN here MT, how do you make that quantum leap??? Did I miss more Instagram posts?

To all of the above. Okay. :D :D :D

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