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Re: League Discussion Thread

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:02 pm
by Dbacksfan72
Ran the draft lottery and updated the lotto thread and the picks on the site. Lots of big numbers yesterday, so a fair amount of movement here:

1st|845|Carolina Wesofina
2nd|677|West Side Boxer Robbers (Falls to #4 due to 3=>9 rule)
3rd|759|Montricago City Cannons (Bumps to #2)
4th|351|Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels (Bumps to #3)
5th|967|Potomac Nationals
6th|899|Katutura Badbirds
7th|214|Bloomington Swamp Dragons
8th|695|Omaha Hoot 82's
9th|878|Appalachian Isotopes
10th|495|Peoria Chiefs
11th|859|Fort Mifflin Defenders
12th|836|St Croix Buccanneers
13th|576|Portland Pride
14th|691|River City Razorbacks
15th|673|Yukon Young Guns
16th|||Aych Bee Breeze

Re: League Discussion Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:10 pm
by mhardy_03
mhardy_03 wrote:Potomac gets:
SP Raymond Simon
SP Eric McLeod
2B John Albert
SP Robert Tice
SS/3B Thomas Boyer
Bayside's 2122 1st round pick

Bayside gets:
2121 picks 5, 38, 62
SP Joseph Theriot

We get a little younger in the rotation and get some picks this year. He gets a mix of high end current players and longer term assets.

Re: League Discussion Thread

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:50 am
by JRM3888
I would like to start by saying that since joining this league, I have never seen a draft so devoid of elite pitching. As a team that is overloaded with solid hitting prospects, but in desperate need of young hurlers, the top pitching prospects in this draft are mid-first round talent most seasons.

Due to that, West Side once again focused on making our current pitchers more effective and came away with two centerfielders that possess range potentials of 98 and 99 respectively.

CF Fred Rivera - I felt that he was hands-down the best overall player in the draft. According to my scouting, he has a similar BA/SL combination to Cleghorn who went first overall. He's not as ready as Cleghorn and won't walk as much, but his 98 RA in CF is filthy.

CF - Isidro Rinat - He will probably struggle to put up a .650 OPS, but 99/70/69 defensive potentials make him a good value. Depending on next years draft, he or Rivera could switch to SS.

P - Robert Holly - Holly was a decent get at this point in the draft. An 84 FI automatically makes him interesting, but there is not much else to get excited about.

I noticed that several "team trends" continued.

Bayside once again found its way into the top 5 and once again came away with an exceptionally rangy SS. So the process continues.
Peoria plucked another 17 year old, high 90's FI guy out of obscurity. He should be a great value with a starting salary at $507k.

East Side getting Robert Marks at #19 was the steal of the draft IMO. I had him ranked 3rd, behind Rivera and Cleghorn. He should be a 40 HR, 100 BB's kind of player.

Meanwhile, West side is still in 4th and 16 games under .500, but is the only division team other than Bayside to sport a positive run differential. Progress comes in all shapes and sizes.

Re: League Discussion Thread

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:38 am
by mhardy_03
Agree that this draft was really bad for pitching. To me the best one was Meneses, but he was a #3 at best and wouldn't be that until his mid to late 20s. Madsen could be a great starter if his EN is a misscout, otherwise he looks like a 5-6 inning guy.

CF Rivera was definitely the best player in the draft. And agree that Marks is the steal of the draft at 19, though I was hoping he would somehow fall to my pick at 22.

Looks like Katutura picked up a nice new middle infield with Campbell and Zamora. Though I am somewhat amazed that Campbell has 85 potential RA being 6'5" and 269 lbs. :lol:

Moving up definitely paid off for us.

#5 - SS Anthony Kohler - Bayside's SS of the future. Once he is close to being ready, it is likely that Becker will be available.

#22 - 2B Robert Fowler - Should be a nice leadoff hitter when developed. I had assumed he would have to move to a COF spot, but seeing 52/50 for his RA makes me wonder if he is a misscout, so maybe CF is an option?

#38 - SS Timothy Childress - 79 RA, 70 AR. Potentially could be our 2B of the future. At worst is a very nice super sub.

#45, 62, 69 - All cheap pitching scrubs.

There was a celebrity in there that although he sucks, I'm surprised someone didn't draft out of principle. 2B Paul McCartney :lol: