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Re: Completed Trades

Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:58 pm
by Dbacksfan72
West Side gets:
C Robert Marie
P Ramon Lunsford

Saskatchewan gets:
Wes Side's 2114 1st and 2nd

Re: Completed Trades

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:01 pm
by mhardy_03
Las Vegas gets:
#2 pick
C Joseph Franklin

Bayside gets:
#1 pick
Las Vegas' 2117 1st round pick

Re: Completed Trades

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:38 pm
by Dbacksfan72
8/22/2113 Allen Summers (3B) Traded from Saskatchewan Eh-thletics to New York River Pirates
8/22/2113 Scott Crandall (P) Traded from New York River Pirates to Saskatchewan Eh-thletics

Plus Saskatchewan gets NY's 2116 2nd rounder