say goodbye to craig1234 in your own way

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say goodbye to craig1234 in your own way

Postby andujar » Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:04 pm

Final games for Montreal Expos vs:
WS Oppenent: Hells WWLLLL
LCS Opponent: Carolina LLWWWW
DCS Opponent: ESPR: WWWW

New York: WWW (5 game win streak)
Katutura: LL (lost series 1-3)
Marietta: WWWW (swept season series 14-0, lost last game to them last season, so 14 game win streak)
East Side: L (won the series 2-1)
Quincy: L (won the series 2-1)
Carolina: LLL (5 game losing streak)
River City: W (won the series 2-1)
Palm Beach: W (won the series 2-1)
New England: WWW (swept season series 9-0, 11 game #winning streak)
Windy City: L (lost the series 1-2)
Peoria: W (won the series 2-1)
Saskatchewan: WWW (3 game winning streak)
Aych Bee: L (lost the series 2-1)
Hells: L (won the series 2-1)
Jacksonville: WWW (3 game winning streak)
Appalachian: WW (won the series 2-1)
Las Vegas: WWW (4 game winning streak)
Potomac: L (won the series 2-1)
Bayside: WW (won the series 2-1)
St Croix: LL (lost the series 1-2)
Bloomington: WWW (3 game winning streak)
West Side: WW (won the series 2-1)
Portland: WWW (4 game winning streak)
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Re: say goodbye to craig1234 in your own way

Postby craig1234 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:25 pm

That is cool Jar. Thanks
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Re: say goodbye to craig1234 in your own way

Postby chrisz » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:58 pm

andujar wrote:Potomac: L

I'll take it!

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