Trade Talks

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Re: Trade Talks

Postby gocardinals1511 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:17 pm

gocardinals1511 wrote:Patrick Newton RF has been a stud muffin for me but its time to clear the way for the youth in the minors in the coming years. Make me a solid offer and he will help you make a run for the world series.

[url]James Parker[/url] 26 - defensive ss with speed. Should get you 60 bases the next few years.

Thomas Cowan 26 left handed hitting defensive 2b - this guys has a bat to go with his defense. He will upgrade you lineup. He is going to be a late bloomer as he is still climbing to this full potential at defense.

[url]Robert Walton[/url] - 29 OF - he was pushed from my lineup last season and I forgot to plug him in at the beginning of the year. he will hit your 30-40 hr. Roster turn over is what is doing him in.

Cory Span - 26 ground ball pitcher with lower endurance. looking for a solid prospect or pick in return

David Morin 25 - LH - Never has lived up to my expectations I had for him. Needs a new home and someone to believe in him.

Darin Gonzalez 38 - you need a starter to at the back of your rotation this is your man looking for a 2nd rounder for him.

Not afraid to trade anyone one the active roster but the younger the hard to get from me. Will not be trading everrett wright

These are are all still avaible. only a year older .
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Re: Trade Talks

Postby drmeyer87 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:11 am

If anyone wants 2B Larry Burns or 2B Walter Kovach for a prospect or pick let me know. Or possibly an elite bat. I value them around a 1st round pick in the teens.

Burns 30 YO with no decline yet. Hits above 800 OPS and has 83 RA at 2B

Kovach 23 YO bat will be less than Burns but still solid for 2B. Defense 88RA 60GL 100AR.

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